And so it begins…

When I began making jewelry two years ago, I never had any idea that it would eventually lead to a Facebook store, an Etsy store and a blog.  Let’s start at the very beginning….usually a very good place to start!

I love all things vintage.  I’m vintage, so things that most people call vintage I remember from my childhood and youth.  When my husband retired I was still working away from home so he didn’t drive me too crazy.  However, three years ago I was offered a position working from home and I jumped at the opportunity.  It was heavenly, except that we were now together pretty much all the time.  While we get along famously, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Although he had some activities to fill his time, I thought it might be nice to have something that could use his professional expertise and fill some more of his day.  We enjoyed going to antique auctions and soon our house resembled an antique store.  What a brilliant idea!!  I mentioned getting a couple of booths at a nearby antique mall with an opportunity to buy the antiques but also a way to move them and perhaps, make a little money as well.  He agreed and our antique business is history.

At many of these auctions there were large jars and boxes of vintage jewelry, and while I thought it was lovely, I knew absolutely nothing about marketing it.  Finally, on a whim, I bought a HUGE table full of jewelry for $400.00.  When I do things, I generally over-do them.  It’s part of my family genetics I suppose.  What could be a long story will be abbreviated to:  I now collected and sold vintage jewelry.

As one who usually over does things, I continued to add to my collection for the next couple of years and enjoyed using many of the less valuable or broken pieces to create new pieces of jewelry.  I guess I have a knack for creating and an “eye” for it for soon I began taking my jewelry to shows all over Florida.  While I didn’t strike it rich, I did well enough to cover all my costs and then a little bit more.

I stayed with this style until recently when I kept being drawn to images and other’s jewelry that was inspired by nature.  I am a nature freak, so I guess it should not have come as a surprise.  Sooooo…my style is moving in the direction of jewelry that is inspired by nature and usually includes something vintage in the piece as well.

My business name came from my daughter.  We both love to travel, especially if it includes back-packing, hiking, camping, water, mountains, deserts, bird watching or some other form of outdoor activity.  One day she said,  “Well, mom, you know that we are both apt to wander.”  And so the name was born.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and will visit my Facebook store and Etsy shop to see what’s available.



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